Friday, February 02, 2007

DIY gift paper bag

i have made a hard paper bag to pack birthday gift for my dear best friend. it was a belated birthday gift because i can't find something that know~~ special? last i still manage though..hope she likes it..if not for the gift then for the paper bag..hehe..100% handmade o..despite the paper-lah..**oh dear..just said want to improve use the common -lah- 'suffix' again**

front view

back view

what you need?

  • a manila card
  • birthday wrapper
  • scissors
  • tape
  • blade(preferbly)

this is the draft...dash line are folded line..

  1. cut the oval shape
  2. ensure that the two ovals are at the same position when they are folded
  3. fold the edge and stick them with tapes.
  4. wrap the bag with borthday wrapper
  5. put in the present....tadaa... presented whole heartedly...


Bubuweiwei said...


milky ~ pearly said...


利權 (Ken) said...

I also want it, please send to me on my birthday 15 April, hehe ^^ (pai seh)

milky ~ pearly said...

can i send it 15 days earlier??hehe

利權 (Ken) said...

of problem...thanks a lot...i buy u a breakfast/lunch/dinner/supper !!!