Friday, February 16, 2007

Wong Kok Char Chan Teng @ SS2

nowaday, there are many new new char chan teng in the town..all copy the kim gary's concept..o i would like to say "stole~"..
anyway, it's not my prob..i just want good food..that's all..the inventor /creator ain't my long as it's nice~~

choco n i wanted to go to the curve after the dinner, unfortunately..massive jam at LDP..half way there, i decide to cut off the plan n head to SS2..skip the other half of jam...

Wong Kok is famous of it's varieties of drinks..the ambience is fine we went there to have a drink~~

this is nice~~ a bit sourish n sweet..

chocolate fondue~ hmm.....don't ever order this..chocolate not that chocolicious..quite watery..breads are the normal gardenia toast bread...fruits..hmm..not fresh~~~..overall..BAD

i would recommend to go there and try their drinks not this 'swiss thing''s a HK restaurant..can't expect so "swiss-ish" taste from them...

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