Monday, February 12, 2007

ChoCo: My first pOst..

milky blame tat i didn`t i give any support to this blog, hence i try to learn how to post a blog...(actualy i`m not so interested on posing blog, because i prefer on9 to play maple story more).
Maple story is a on9 RPG game in de very cute version..

Izit cute?? the character with de star bandana is me(ChoCo) , n de cute girl wif de helmet like a broom is MILKY..
after u view tis video, i think u will think tat de game is crazy, but u will like it after u try to play..

mayb u will feel tat my post is a bit short n bored, but hope u all like it...

*edited by milky*
the character is too small the the picture~~
i m supa warrior~~haha

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@芦荟叮叮 theresa~ said...

hehe.. choco.. this blog not bad.. support you~!