Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Shanghai Tian @ Sg Wang

sometimes, it's kinda hard to find places where the food is original , creative and tasty..
when choco and i reached sg.wang, first thing first..we visit this restaurant for their authentic dishes..because it is highly recommended by weiwei...
true enough, the food is nice and the ambience is chinese - "style" with red deco. quite compliment with the food they serve..
basically, what we order are similar with weiwei..

avogardo polo bun (only serve during weekend)
rm 3.80

if you have tried the Prince cafe polo bun..it is similar like those but the filling is avogado paste instead of "奶黄". bun was spongy and the paste taste good but the portion was small.

red bean banana .....
rm 5

i forgot the name of this dishes..anyway at least i mentioned the main ingredients of this dish. ^.^ *sorry*
banana is wrapped by blended red bean and crispy thingy..i don't know what it was..but it's really crunchy.
choco claimed that the red bean was too sweet..but for me..the sweetness was just nice.. maybe it's true that guys usually can't take sweet stuff.

rm 6

i forgot the name AGAIN *forgive me~~*..same as weiwei review..the the filling of the wantan was very very generous..the meat was fresh..combined with some vegetable. the mien was QQ *spongy* nice textures
...em.. nice~~~ love it love it..definitely MUST try. choco gave it a thumb up too..

milky has a sweet tooth..for me..a meal is never complete without dessert..therefore, we ordered..

sesame peanut soup with bun
rm 2.90

yang zhi kam lou 杨芝金露
rm 5

i ordered peanut soup because of choco because i know that choco like peanut soup very much~~ BUT BUT BUT...choco ordered the yang zhi kam lou(good for girl)... and he was 'BAD' enough by not letting me to eat what he ordered.. he said i chose the peanut soup so i drink that ONLY..**SOSO BAD~~~**

hate chu!!! <'o'>
however, after showing him my <*_*> face...finally he let me try..*yea me!*
the peanut soup was smooth and delicious same goes to the yang zhi kam lou

a little creation of milky and choco..hehe.actually it's not ours though..golden bread restaurant @ sri petaling do serve similar sesame peanut soup called (if i am not mistaken) yin yang soup..look like that..


Anonymous said...

the polo bun look nice.... ><''

milky ~ pearly said...

me 2...i m hungry now..at campus

@芦荟叮叮 theresa~ said...

haha.. i miss PJ campus..