Thursday, February 08, 2007

Curry mee @ Jalan Alor

Jalan Alor is a street with varities of food... too many until you don't even know what to eat~~
hawkers are standing in front of their stall..holding menu and ask you sit down.. maybe it's because there are too many competitors around..

there is a stall where i will definitely go if i am around that area..
it's famous of it curry mee and also asam laksa..both are spicy stuff..
choco don't really take spicy stuff..he can't "tahan"~~
but i was craving for it.. at last he give way~~
we ordered curry mee and asam laksa..
even choco who don't eat spicy stuff gave it a thumbs up~~ and he ordered the SECOND bowl... should see his expression while eating..sweating away...still continue~~
AGAIN i forget to take picture..until the second bowl came ...

chik chak~~

a bit messy because eaten little..

o yea, the stall is located opposite of the teochew porridge restaurant(corner lot)

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Anonymous said...

From ChoCo:

Actually i dint sweat as wat milky descript it de blog, and de curry mee is not tat spicy onli, but the curry mee is 100% delicious, especially de curry soup...
Mayb u all can go to hav a try...