Saturday, February 10, 2007

letz get dirtYee..

chinese new year is coming...time flies~ i still can remember i did some baking for the season too.. actually, i don't intend to bake cookies this year..because..there are many overdue stuff that i haven done yet.. however i just can't resist...haha..i love freshly bake cookies...yummy~~~
mom suggested me to bake chocolate cookies..indeed i am a good gurl..
chocolate cookies

flour 320g
baking soda 3/4 tsp
baking powder 2 tsp
cocoa powder 50g
butter 250g
brown sugar 100g
castor sugar 100g
egg 2
vanilla essence 1 tsp
chocolate chips (optional) 280g
1. shift all the flour, bs, bp, cocoa powder. put aside.
2. beat butter well until creamy white.
3. add castor sugar little by little into the butter batter.
4. continue by adding brown sugar.
5. beat in egg one by one
6. add in vanilla essence

7. pour in the flour and powder stuff
8. mix well
9. shape it

aren't they cute? you know what happen..the plastic i use to do this shape broke ..that was really a WTH moment~~i only manage to do 2 rows how about the rest????

the brilliant milky thought of famous amos cookies, so i simply scoop the cookies mix and put on the baking pan..and it turn know..the appearance..gets a 'F' but taste wise, absolutely delicious...believe me..

first 'badge' of "F"grade cookies (appearance ONLY)

mom helped me out after seeing the end result of milky production..haha :D

u see...her job..she gets the credit..

10. bake it..180 degree celcius for 10 minutes

my chocolate cookies~~

you may think where were the 'f' grade cookies..haha..gave it to choco.. :p


@芦荟叮叮 theresa~ said...

WOW.. cookies.. i want also.. haa.. but.. (sure for choco first geh la~)

milky ~ pearly said...

but but he get very ugly de wor~~

Anonymous said...

From ChoCO:

i always get de C class food from milky, de A class food is for others de ...
too Bad..
actually de out looking of de food is not important, but taste.
de cookies are nice n yummy, but dunno y my mom said tat not in standrad...
Soli Milky...

milky ~ pearly said...