Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Penang part 1

i went to png for xmas..
quite fun i would say but i enjoyed the beach da i'm gonna post that 1st ~
i'll just let the pic do the talking~

reach there bout 11? 12? not very sure bout it

sand man~

da group
da love birds


we played da banana boat and kayak-ing~ i don't have those photos because me darling FORCEd me to put my cam in da car and have fun..wat the...i don't have a underwater housing for my cam~ so cant kena water~

we went back about 6 and its sunset~ bout 6-7 hours at the beach..thank god i had my sun block with me..i apply layers and layers of bad my friend didn't brought hers..we share and she apple kinda less end up having SERIOUS dun burn~
pity her

nevertheless, we ate lots of stuff i shall post another post about food then..but its a LOT..i cant even rmb where we ate and wat it i'll do it the simple way~ plain pic~ but it still do the magic in the mouth of u readers right~ let us see then~

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