Friday, January 04, 2008

xmas tree

i disappear from blogging recently because of part time job..
i worked in a service residences for 2 months~
and guess what..i'm in charge of putting up da xmas tree...ALONE and its 10 feet tall!

they wanna cut cost so they didn.t ask the pro cost them rm 500 last year~

i spend 6 hours putting the ornaments and ribbons up~
i wonder where every1 went while i'm decorating~
somewhat they just appeared when i nearly finished up and help me up put or RELOCATE 1 or 2 ornaments and asked the boss to come out to see what WE'd done..

i was like WHAT DA..WE???... its ME u r talking about~ real bullshit..that's office politics i think and i HATE that! HATE!!!!

that was my NOT-SO-HAPPY xmas tree day~but i was really satisfied what i've done~..
dont bother those f*cking staff!


Ropheka said...


levian said...

you look so adorable in the last photo !! :D

lasilasi said...

yes n the decoration is really pro =D