Monday, July 09, 2007

Lazy Mode

i'm super duper lazy now..

i regretted to on my pc..because when i on it, i can't concentrate on my studies d..
do you all have the same problem?

arh~~ there is an angel beside my ear asking me to OFF! oFF! off!
and the other side..devil telling me to continue...gosh listen to which one?

i have test accounting 2..

why i have to study accounts while i'm a actuarial science student?

why why tell me why?

**hmm..curl hair or straight better?**

i still have 2 more chapter to go..better get my head in it..

it occupied 20% of my coursework mark..

that's a lot man!


Iwan Sanchez said...

wah!! BAF??

i hate computations too!! All the best ok??

Poonky said...

Follow the orders of Angles! off off off ur brain and stop study LOL inst that actuarial science doesn't related to science at all and mostly about accounts?

lollipop said...

all da best :D
and how's the test huh? mmm.. u look nice with curly hair..

milky ~ pearly said...

thx thx...i like computation but don't like conceptual computation

poonky's related to statsistic..not account

thx..test was..speechless...

really? hehe..think bout it

lasilasi said...

curl is cute!

lin said...

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