Tuesday, July 24, 2007


guess what sad thing happened today?
for 'goodness sake' i kena SAMAN....


if u read my blog you will know this is my 3rd time d~

the parking lots around my campus so darn limited ...every1 double park~~
then the mbpj fella just like to come here to SIN
(i called those who are not considerate and simply just give saman to POOR student like me a SIN)

poor thing~~ 3 times d..

1st time rm 50 lessen to rm30
2nd time rm 100 lessen to rm 50
NOW rm 100 lessen to rm20

(because i pay on that day itself..means today-LA!!!!!! and i beg the officer to less less less because I AM A STUDENT..WHAT YOU EXPECT FROM ME LA WEI...)

the stu*** d*m d*m take their own SWEET time to do their work!!!
i really want to CURSE them you know...
i wish that i have a wand to speed them up...(if i really have one better still i just make the saman to disappear right? )

yo....... &*^^&%$%^^&%&*&(*()*()**(&&*%^%$%$##$@%^$^&^

hate u hate u hate u!
curse u curse u curse u!

1 comment:

keel wong said...

after your graduation,go to apply as officer of bandaraya,then you can take your revenge!hahaha!