Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Talk Talk Talk

i have two presentations coming sOon..like real soon..one tomorrow, one on Thursday~
might be a bit hectic these 2 days..

this is just plain boring...PENGAJIAN MALAYSIA
LAN subject...how does it spells? B---O---R---I---N---G

anyway i still have to do it properly..it contributes to my coursework marks~

hmm..this is much much much more interesting...don't you think so?

it is some sort like a mini debate and talk...guess i am the one who agree or disagree on PREMARITAL SEX?
just guess guess guess~~~hehe


munny said...

Hey...Bout the question u asked that day...haha, i finally get the answ but not sure is betul o not . By law, a fetus bout 6-7 month consider a life . According to biological, when the fetus heart start beating, it consider a life...Hope this info will help in your presentation..good luck

=jaecywong= said...

by law it's not right , but logically, it's right :)

to me lar!! good luck~

subbiez said...
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eugene said...

woots.. silap use id.. lol


premarital sex.. hmm.. RIGHT

Iwan Sanchez said...


u got so many pics on you!

premarital sex in the eyes of society is always wrong..

but i still think its subjective..

just my 2 cents.

s7even said...

right or wrong depends solely one's opinion and society.

me? well.. i'm no saint, but it depend on the situation :P
if for love, ok i guess, if for lust, a no no.

in any case, just remember the word "contraception".

lollipop said...

if both parties agreed, then its right.
if one of the party doesn't agree to act upon it, then it's WRONG!

milky ~ pearly said...

ya it help..arigato dear

haha..ya i agree~~ btw..i'm the one who say that it right..

apa la lu..like oso can silap~
ya right!!!

ya la..i like com ho ma..
huh i tot society think that its permissive attitude d?

ya i have that word in my slide..thx ya ^^

hmm~~ true to certain extent la~~

keel wong said...

im on the site "agree",because im always do that loh!its natural human desire and need,why it should be wrong?by the way,people that said its was wrong,but im sure they always try their luck for it too!

milky ~ pearly said...

ya right...aiyo u often do it~~ hmm..interesting~~

lin said...

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