Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Spiral Mania

I got to know from weiwei that italiannis's promotion on the endless bowl of pasta has ended..

i was extremely sad..i'm a pasta addict..i lurvee pasta very much..

it's my fav food..so next time you know what to buy for me to eat la *hint hint*

i went for their promotion for once only..here

it was great..wish that i can eat endlessly again but not burning a hole in my pocket-la
that's why i think of doing myself an endless pasta mania at my home sweet home.

to make life easier..i used can stuff~~ because i did not think off doing this earlier, not much preparation~~


wholewheat spiral pasta - whole packet (that's a lot okay~~)
campbell's original cream mushroom soup - whole can
button mushroom - whole can (slice them)

prawns - half cup
parsley - little

onion & garlic - little
Italian spices - pinch full
  1. cook pasta in boiling water with salt and little oil
  2. drained them and add olive oil to avoid them kissing together ^^ set aside
  3. fry onion and garlic..throw every raw material inside the pan (parsley, prawn,mushroom)
  4. wait till they cooked, pour in the can mushroom soup , add water , add spices
  5. taste..see whether you want to add extra salt or sugar..
  6. done!!
boil~ grooool~~ i'm lucky that i'm not pasta *hot la wei*
saucey~~ easy but yummylicious
**woot** i want conquer YOU..
mom was cooking curry that time, i stole some curry gravy and add to the sauce and cooked for a while..
yay..another flavor born~~
curry spiral...

the below is some pic of pasta found in the internet..

wa, mine look similar right..hehe

gosh, i heart cam whores..anyone..cure me!


Poonky said...

oh oh...ada sakit perut after eating? hehehe

KeV's wAlKAbOuT said...

wow.. looks yummy - like those served in resturants!

milky ~ pearly said...


sure no la..vvery nice wan lae...believe me!!!!


hehe..izit? *happy*

mrbherng said...

you are killing the italians! No way they are gonna eat pastas with curry.

Anyway, that pasta is called fusili.

milky ~ pearly said...

ya i know..but i call them spiral~~ hehe