Thursday, July 12, 2007

Dress code

woah woah woah~ today my friends was having a presentation about
- rape cases is caused by lady

my goodness..they said that girls who are sexy can arouse the wild side of a man...

how true can it be?

their presentation very farny...but i just disagree with the dress up point..

how can a girl who wear minis can provoke a man har?*weird*

i have tons of minis in my closet..then i have to throw them off?

one of them even said that girls who wear mini skirt has more imagination than wearing a short pants..

i'm not sure because i'm not a tell me~~*bleh*

some covered from top to bottom have chances of being rapped too right?

how can you blame on us who wear love minis!!!! ridiculous la wei..

countdown: in 2 weeks time i'm presenting PREMARITAL SEx...interesting?


Iwan Sanchez said...

girls dressing can always be inviting leh..


if a guys no reaction seeing gal who wear skimply, i got nothing to say.. hehehe!!

Poonky said...

i loves minis too..i mean SEE not WEAR la hahaha

by right she kinda correct if u think like this

normal guy saw minis = Pewwwt! leng luis! nothing more than that

abnormal guy saw minis =..thinking and planning perverted stuff, feeling aroused things like that

so thats the difference lo..see what kind of ppl.

Anston said...

I do agree so... we guys like (very like) to watch leng luis, even better if they wear some less clothes! hehe...

But depends lar, some of them can 'CONTROL'! And some of them cannot control... then *BOOM* news headline tomolo :D

Cnigel said...

those who[rapist] is not well brought up will tend to have wilder imagination towards ladies in skimpy clothes

jaecywong said...

ya agree with poonky~ those abnormal sex maniac will only think of sex sex when they c get mini skirts...

hehe brisbane dun have such problem though~ cos everyone also wear so short, mini, bare clothes, tubes.. those ppl c until dun wan to c already! hahaha

milky ~ pearly said...

haha..i got i got..he is know..g-a-y

ya la..a normal man will only keep their imagination inside them but not conducting a crime rite

true true..hate them..'PEI shI lei'i mean they all o

but but..normal guy oso will ba

jaecy western country it is usual stuff d

s7even said...

cmon.. girls who dress sexy obviously wanna feel good about themselves and show how pretty they are. And most man normally attracted to that :)

But in no way that their dressing will actually make them rape victims... there always some jerks who always put the blame on the victim- not on the rapist. Even statically speaking, most of the rape victims were decently dressed which means covered up head to toes.

control or not, most rapist already planned their crime, they just havent confirm their victims.

so guys, get that stupid "it's the victim's fault" idea out of ur head. No girls wanna get rape, sexy or not.

Dot said...

Good for people to know.

Anonymous said...

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