Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Toast Bread

what you will do when you are craving for roti bakar at 12 something midnight?
drive out find the nearest coffee shop? old town?

my dear..12 something la wei..almost close d..because it was weekdays..

but...but... i want desperately to keep me awake and study the geeky stuff!

as you guys know, i'm studying for BA test last 2 days until quite late..and my stomach was roaring~~notti notti

then, something just popped up in my mind..why not make myself?

tada~~ look look what i've done~~

if you are'll know that their typical coffe shop roti bakar is bun bakar..
darn nice one you know!!..

this was my version of bun bakar...

frozen butter is a must right? thick thick butter and kaya

at first i wanted to make one only..but i don't want dear bun-ny felt lonely in the oven..
so i decided to make another one to accompany him..( was a guy *now die d*)

bakar bakar bakar...

you'll have to press the bun a bit so that it will slightly "kempit"
i placed the bun between two tray..but the gap to does not came out the way i want it to be..

bakar bakar bakar LAGI...

hence, i quickly turned it off and take another steel tray from another smaller oven and changed the upper tray../much better now..hehe

done!! hot!! nice aroma!! crispy!!

i ate two? nah..daddy haven go to bed i 'spare' him one..haha

hmm..actually not was a reward..because he went out and bought kaya for me at 7-11 (7-11 -24hour) as my house has no sufficient supply of kaya..

darn satisfying can?

i spent about 1/2 hour of my 'precious' study time on this thingy...*can't choice*


KeV's wAlKAbOuT said...

looks good. =) I might try it someday...

lasilasi said...

kaya!!! i so wanna have some kaya toast now =p

Jo said...

wah..u r so innovative!

yellowbanana said...


=jaecywong= said...

oo the kaya oozing out already!!! i know wat brand is the bun!! i love that brand!!! i can eat 6 of em in a go! hehe :P muah!!

fattien said...

Saya nak order satu Bun Bakar dan Kopi O satu. hahahaha....I always eat this in the morning but now change back to the steam one coz very easy get soat throat. T_T

Jun jUn XVII said...

Can bring to uni also?i use the oven at utar canteen to make it crispy again!Xtra kaya pls!!

Iwan Sanchez said...

nowadays u hv been craving foods hor...

the kaya looks so thick....

milky ~ pearly said...

the shoutmix got big prob rite???

kev : u shud..kinda easy~~

lasilasi: delivery service wor..

jo: izit?? haha..inovative ..gud thing gud thing~~

yellowbanana : ya, ya, sedang bakar..

jaecy : ya ..this brand de bun very yummy and spongy~~ yum***

fattien : more easy sore throat with all the durians season coming up~~ huh.. when my blog bcom kpitiam d?

jun jun: wa..i hope so..but can't too bad~~ i wan magnum~!!!

iwan: ya lor..fat fat fat and fatter liao!!!

Poonky said...

oik mamak kaya bun satu, kasi bakar hangus sikit :P, lebih butter :P

:P hahaha, look tasty la, lucky bf got someone cook for him

milky ~ pearly said...

he wun appreciate de la