Saturday, July 21, 2007

DOuble cake dOuble Fun

post some food stuff first~

i made two flavor of cake out of one cake mixture?
brilliant right?

i dig all the stuff that can be mixed into the cake mixture...because i felt that just raisin very dull...
but mommy said she wants raisin i separated both and made two cakes then...satisfied everybody..

this is raisin cake..

this is raisin + chocochip + pineapple jam

raisin cake

double chocochip raisin pineapple cake *name so long*

though it look kinda burned..but not..

close up of raisin cake

close up of double chocochip raisin pineapple cake

can u differentiate which is chocochip and raisin?

no recipe because it is just a normal butter cake some own innovations...
besides, i'm kinda tired..


Poonky said...

er both also got raisin hahah

er below that one is choc? seems got a lot sticky dark stuff geh

milky ~ pearly said...

ya la..chocochip melt d ma black black geh lo..haha

Stephanie_yinG said...

uhh...hungry seeing the cake...i like making and eating cake..ahha..nex time can exchange our experience..:P