Thursday, July 19, 2007

Short update

darn..i haven get myself a new modem...
i don't know whether, this condition is good or bad for me..

i have 3 mid tests coming real soon kay?
..2 on friday(tomorrow) 1 on saturday

so i think i will get my modem on friday~~(after the 2 HORRIBLE tests)

life without connection is s*cks....but the bright side is..i get more time to study and roam around outside the network..haha
always go out and 'wet'..*blueks* at least i do something right~~~
a little something that i made some times ago which i have no time too post..

double chocochip raisin cakey~


=jaecywong= said...

hehe gurl~ study lo~ god is asking u to study hard for ur mid exams!! :P btw, the cake looks delicious !!

Iwan Sanchez said...

eh... i also got papers this sat too!!

so sama sama!!

sama sama study hard ok??

Poonky said...

kat yao kar yao~~~ add oil add oil ~ burn oil burn oil (can diet)

s7even said...

moral of the story- never use the pc during a thunder storm..

Btw, good luck on your exam and all the best :)

teddY said...

Hey a few months back I found myself stuck in the same situation! A streak of stupid lightning fried my modem and the network card, so I had to make do without the Internet! I felt like a walking-dead (a.k.a. zombie!) for the days without the Internet... I found myself to be an Internet addict!

Glad that you're getting it fixed asap! Welcome back to the Internet. Good luck for your tests! Don't worry about the outcome as long as you've tried your best and give it your best shot :) take care!

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