Thursday, July 26, 2007

Phones!!! Sickening!

i'm going to get a phone soon~~ but i'm confused don't know which one to choose~~ can anyone give me any idea or comment on this~

they both are the is just the design..

actually my friends say that why i need a phone so soon?
i have every gadget i need, 7.1 Mp digicam, 1 gb mp3, 1.3Mp phone..somemore want what?
of course is 3G -lo...haha
besides i have an assumption thinking that a phone will not last for 18 i'll try my best to get rid of the phone within 18 months~

haih..i'm still pondering about it~

*woah 3 posts at once...*


cheryl said...

actually i prefer w800i..
more nice..

Joshua said...

R u a SE fans? Y dun u consider bout N73me? I guess all u need are in one. The price is about the same with K810i with better features. Just my 2 kupangs! :D

Iwan Sanchez said...

i have 800i..

hmmm.. to me, i still prefer Nokia..

but 800i cam is damn gorgeous!!!

jaecywong said...

think properly lo.... maybe wait for the new model? i heard sony ericsson coming out a new one :D

Poonky said...

i sell u my nokia 6600 nice phone lei geh

teddY said...

Both phones are absolutely gorgeous! But if you want me to make a choice, I would ditch the first one for the second one, mainly because of its tremendous aesthetic appeal? I love the round buttons that I bet will definitely wow people who see the phone! I mean, how many phone models on earth have round buttons? Haha!

milky ~ pearly said...

owh~ the button seems better right?

yes..i duno y..i juz duno like nokia since i used 2 nokia model b4..very~~ i duno how to say..
SE more user freindly i think...
N73..hmm..mayb i'll go and have a look..thx so much with ur comment..

ya i u know i'm cam freak i need a better MP phone...
some more i darn lazy always bring digicam out...

jaecy:'s 5 MP..but i think the centre of the phone very funny..the '5' button very weird..

aiyo..dun wan la..i dun wan choing ur baby

ya the feature is the same only the design..i wonder y they chg the weird..haiya..

anyway..thx every1 that helps me in deciding which to get..haha

fattien said...

I still love the w800i, cheaper issit?!

squall_ch33s3 said...

In my opinion...I wud take the k800i(now wud be cheaper compared to k810i)...depends on u though,a phone is still a phone

I m currently using k750i(used on money)...almost gonna reach 1 year already...I had k800i in mind last time,but then overbudget for me already(RM1000++)...was working part time then during the hols...and that time I lost my Nokia 8310 during a trip to Redang

Well...k800i is good xenon flash and 3.2 megapixel camera...good for milky camwhoring-ness...also when she didnt bring her camera around...hehe...but if u dun mind the size ler cuz it's kinda long(tall?)