Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Milky's Disaster

milky super unlucky!

the lighthing and thunder burned my either modem or network card yesterday during a heavy heavy rain!!!

called tmnet they blah a lot and spent me about 10 bucks calling their 1300-xxx-9515 line (forgot d)


i'm at my uni comp lab now..

haih..milky have to buy new modem..will be back on friday (i think)

****lots lots lots of sadness****


fattien said...

This was bad.... Understand ur feeling. My fren kena many times. Fast fast buy a new one..

Poonky said...

awww too bad means no frequent updates from u, next time buy some lightning surge works well~ my area always thunderstorm but 3 years still happily using

=jaecywong= said...

ei~ next time heavy rain arh, must plug out the modem mar.. i also kena tat twice already~ :P cheer up~

milky ~ pearly said...

u fren kena so many time?
y he didn't pull out the line lae?
i one time ialready scare d..my life very very extremely bored & un occupied without internet arhhhhh

ya..no updates ..so scare u guys wun come so often d~~
yer...u lucky ma..i'm 'hak jai'..eh nono is 'hak lui'

wuu..really many ppl experience this wor~~ haih..bad bad thunder..must beat beat d