Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Love Equation

i always have an equation in moi heart~

who is going to prove whether it is right?

it's just a hypothesis, it isn't certain..

who gonna verify it?

overload works kept us apart

i barely can meet you

but i wish that our hearts are still bounded

there is no one but us can prove it..

and we are going to make this happens..


I'm so naughty in this pic..*bleh*


squall_ch33s3 said...

I know how to read your "alien" language...lols...

Too bad kenot reply back in the same language here...hahaha =P

Poonky said...

so sejuk bruuuu bruuu...tak boleh tahan this post hahaha...

milky ~ pearly said...


wer got..no la..


huh? what alien language?