Saturday, July 07, 2007

Hurt me no more

my pain is growing...our lovey dovey life seems fading

i am not worth to love ,to adore?

i sucks in handling relationship
should i end all this craps at this moment itself?
i'm in dilemma


=jaecywong= said...

hey gurl~ if u're not happy in the relationship, try talking to ur significant other and talk things out, and still the problem still exist and incurable, then it's best that u break it off :) muah~

lollipop said...

i think everyone will go through this stage of time when ure being involve in a relationship.
try to calm down and do other things to keep urself being for a moment, then think back what is the actual problem that u and ur other half is facing and talk things out. =) im sure u can do it.
no one in this world are not worth for being loved. =) muahs! huggies!

Aaron Chua said...

Sayang me no more. -___-

Eh, what's wrong lah? Relationship problems are always the biggest and most headache, no?

Don't rush it. Slowly work things out. And if things go bad, well, think like this. There's more to life than just relationships. Alamak~ Worry less, happy more. Good luck and take care.

Poonky said...

be yourself, no one can make decision for you in such matter. sure every normal couple will got a bit of things they doesn't satisfied, like lollipopo said lo, think calm ok? :)

milky ~ pearly said...

jaecy: lolipop: aaron:

thx for ur consideration, i'm very glad.
i talk to him, but the 'him' don't find any prob in our relationship n i'm the one who think to much.
mayb it's true mayb not..
btw, i know there are much more stuff more important than realtionship in this world, i have love from my parents , friends, you guys..haha
so..i'll be strong..thx~ let things go on and i'll know what to do when things gone worse..

*lots lots of huggies*

milky ~ pearly said...


haha..okok..but i'm calm wor..if not calm i'll bising bising then ask for 'crackie' d