Thursday, July 12, 2007

Food Foundry @ Seksyen 17, PJ

actually isn't 100% food foundry..hehe
what i meant?

last wed, my friends and i went to near near area to have a quick lunch..

my bunch of friends wanted to eat porky mee..quite famous in that area..don't know where..
but milky very bad..always oppose their cravings..

i wanted to eat sweet stuff..brownies!!!

so they dropped off at the shop then weiwei and i headed to food foundry and packed 2 cakes..and went back to the pork mee shop ..

orange vanilla mille crepe rm 9

chocolate brownies rm 8

the auntie very kind let us bring outside food~~ she say next time come must try her pork mee o~~
she's so funny~

brownies was heavenly good~~*satisfy!!*

my friends' stuff

they say the cakes and the enviroment as well as their meals ain't matching..haha

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