Monday, July 16, 2007


review back what i was suppose to COMPLETE during the weekend...

see..i only done 3 of them~

since Friday night i was super busy...
Friday night went shopping then Saturday whole day not at home...went to meet some friends, uni, interviews and church...

at night once i reached home..i felt that..'it's great to be back!'

i thought that i can concentrate in my work on Sunday, but i forgot that someone will come and fix additional port /plug in my room and the bathroom as well as servicing air-cond *weather so hot nowadays..add gas add gas more more~~: ) *...

*sad* whole morning and noon can't stay in my room~ then the noise very annoying~ can't concentrate even i was at down stairs. GOD~~~

today, i purposely wake up early to do my BA report because i felt really bad for not doing my school work!

my weekend seems like a disaster right?

anyway, at least i had something that i was happy last i tried dip-licious with my friend and had a awesome durian feast AGAIN... that's why i'm 'speechless' now..sore throat and mute sound..

besides, i made durian cake too...*woot*

more updates coming ~~*T&C apply :) coz still have many stuff haven done yet* muackxx


Poonky said...

lazy oh..nvm la so many things finish relax a bit

Dragon Head said...

hmmm.... i also lazy la.. lets not tell mama... hahaha

milky ~ pearly said...

ya much to settle~~
now can't on9 what oso can't do..
can die!!!

dragon head:
yaya..lets keep this as secret..shh.......