Monday, July 09, 2007

Duno wat Green kuih @ mY_hOuse

Woah, lately i post so many food posts..don't you think so?

no wonder someone say i become chubby milky d~~ haha (no offense- just kidding)

when you see my topic for this post, many will scratch your head..what the heck is this?

i don't know either, but i know that pasar malam or pasar pagi sure got sell..i'm loving it~

seriously, i don't the exact amount of each ingredients..i just main tembak only

i felt soOo lucky that it came out the way i want it to~~ *bleks*

let's go to the food k? ^^

you'll need banana leaves to put under the kuih..

this . i stole from one of the house in my neighborhood! hehe...*notti me!*

then, wash clean clean and dry it. put aside.

in a bowl, put in 2 tbsp of sugar and whatever grass powder ...

**Oops..i don't know the name of the grass either..sorry aunt brought it to me~~ **

add boiled hot water to dissolve the sugar and grass powder..

the amount of water..just follow your feel.. :P

add 250g of glutinous flour..stir till it become a dry dough (add extra if it doesn't become a dough)

ingredient inside = chai po (cut) + dried prawn + diced onion + little black sauce + little sugar

stuff the ingredients into the dough..

steam for 20 minutes and this is how ot look like..

now you know what is the green thing i said.. ^^(tell me if you know what it is called)


Poonky said...

owh~ seems tasty but which part look green hehehe

fattien said...

wor....slurp slurp* this look delicious with kopi O. I can imagine how it taste coz the Dried prawn and other stuff inside... can let me try one..^_^

Dragon Head said...

eh.. never seen before la this koay... By the way, ask ur auntie for the complete recipe la.. hehehe i want ... next time i drop down KL do for me one kuih k...