Sunday, July 29, 2007

Zang Toi Cafe - West 57th street @ Sungai Wang

after buying the HP..i was kinda pissed..seriously..i was not HAPPY at all after i bought the phone..

i just want to find a place and calm down myself...
i don't want to have my 'volcano' erupted towards my bf~~

went to this nice ambient cafe~~

Zang Toi is a famous designer, not just he has a great fashion sense but also culinary...
the food there not bad~~ one thing i like about them is their waiters/waitresses is very friendly~ i hate 'black face waiter'

anyway, tell you something...never do shopping or eats when you are really not in the mood...
you won't know what you buy or what you order~~
you just want to buy buy buy and oder order order~~
end up wasting food and useless stuff~~

zang toi's ice lemon tea

their lemon tea is great..not the fake get what i mean? very it~

chicken @ mayo sandwich

after they served i finish my first bite i ordered another one...
i'm not thinking rationally...angry-ness conquered me..felt like i can eat up whole chicken in order to ease myself...

fried chicken and blackpepper sauce sandwich

for dessert we had chocolate banana cake with vanilla icecream x 2 was sinfully yummylicious~~ sweet stuff make me smile~~ :)
so i had both~

way too full, i knew the irrational me was wasting food again~
anyway, we just experiment the leftover with my phone
here r some..i knew that it doesn't look good~but just play play with my phone~~

***all photos taken by K810i***

what i can say is..the cam really rawks


K e n n e t H said...

wah....everything is so big big...~

Dragon Head said...

Hey, get good food and hp summor not happy. Jealous nia ku :P ahahaha SMILE GIRL

s7even said...

wow, u can eat that much ah?

Iwan Sanchez said...

wah lao.. i am salivating!!!

but i cant eat cos i am on diet now!