Friday, March 09, 2007

Italliannis@ 1U

it's Super Wednesday..and it's Endless Pasta day~~
rm19.90 + 10% service tax + 5 % service tax for unlimited pasta~~
waited soOo long for that day~~
choco and i wanted to try this pasta buffet months ago~~ went there twice but it's not available for some reason~~*secret*
at last, we manage to give it a shot last wednesday~~ together with bubu and weiwei~~
could you imagine just 4 of us~~we have eaten 10 plates of pasta~~
such a big eater~~^^

the buffet process go on like this~~

Step 1: Choose a pasta
Spaghetti ~ Penne ~ Linguine ~ Angel Hair ~ Fettuccine

Step 2:Choose a sauce
Pomodoro ~ Arrabiato ~ Carbonara ~ Spicy Marinara ~ Aglio Olio

Step 3:Choose a topping
Shrimp ~ Fried Calamari ~ Beef Bacon ~ Clam ~ Mussels ~ Brocoli ~ Smoked Salmon

you only can repeat the process once you finish a plate...avoid wastage i think~

for starter, we have white bread + grain bread + olive dip

bottomless season ice lemon tea(refillable)--rm6.80

*the waitresses are kind enough to offer me for a refill**good service*

another one was lemonade--rm7.50 *it seems that it wasn't taste nice*

fettuccine . carbonara . mussels

linguine .spicy marinara .fried calamari

penne . pomodoro . smoked salmon

angel hair . spicy marinara . beef bacon

angel hair . ariabiato . beef bacon


linguine . aglio olio . clam


fettuccine . carbonara . fried calamari


fettuccine + carbonara + smoked salmon


fettuccine . carbonara . fried calamari

you one is in the the house except choco and i~~ *while bubuweiwei went to washroom*choco say he reserved the entire restaurant for both of us~~*bleh~~*

both of these were our last attempt...

the unfinished one was bubuweiwei de..haha~~so bad din finish~~


this was mine..~~yae me!! mission accomplished


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