Monday, March 19, 2007

Fishy Pasta @ Milky Home Sweet Home

Have nothing to do on Sunday morning..
then decided to make myself a extraordinary breakfast..ahah...
GUess what..i was still craving for pasta..after the" excessive" pasta intake during the italliannis's super wed.

pasta is my all-time favourite dish..and i make very tasty pasta too..carbonara, mushroom sauce, tomato garlic..i have it all under control..
*so proud* hehe~
i like to cook something out of nothing..i just open the fridge and look up what's available..then here you go... my ingredients for my random~~

suprisingly, everytime it ends up perfectly yummy!!! *i am sOoo talented*
*eye rolled at myself*

i did not include the recipe because it's just too..random..i myself don't even know exactly what i throw into the pan~~maybe this called passionate~*another eye-rolled**paiseh*


1. add few tablespoon of salt and 2 tablespoon of oil into boiled water while cooking the pasta.
2. after pasta is cooked..pour into cold ice water for a while before serving on the plate..
3. add another tablespoon to the pasta to avoid them to stick together..*my english sOo poor*
4. DON'T hesitate to put spices or ingredients to your pasta sauce..believe your sense..
if you tried tons of times and fail..i think u better look up for some recipe~~ * _ _ "" *
5. decorate your is ART~~~

tranformed into ------

another transformation~~~~

~ perfectoO ~

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