Thursday, March 22, 2007

Happy Birthday Kok Hoe


though it's a late one..but better than no right?
anyway, we did celebrate with you on your birthday eve~~ happy or not??
but i think that celebrate with your dear dear more happy hor..don't know how was your birthday celebration on the actual day but i bet it was a great one...*winks*

Second visit to the hut :
we had
apple iced tea rm4.90 honey jasmine tea rm5.90
honey peach iced tea rm 4.90
as you can see..we are playing old d still play those fake money.._ _""
they even have this what so ever steel game..choco use brain to play..i use violence as long as it come out..haha
green tea rm 3.50

garlic bread rm2.90 + mushroom sauce rm1.90*sorry for the same photo..i don't know which one to put, may as well put both*
we could smell the garlic fragrance when they were baking~~ nice..
the mushroom sauce..slightly salty if eaten by itself..but taste absolutely perfect with garlic bread

french fries rm4.90

very you get me?..thick slice but crispy and most importantly..not oily at all..

chicken boscariato spagetti rm 16.90

creamy, big portion too..

curry dory spagetti rm 15.90

not too spicy..mild taste of curry..+ creamy

cake for birthday boy..from bottom of my heart- priceless..

the birthday wishes written on the white chocolate :

happi burfdae 2 outdated black belt oil producer *choco n i think de..creative right*

but when the cake was served, michelle use her fork to strike through the 'outdated' word...haha..kok see your gf so jaga your face~~

kok hoe + michelle cutting cake~~

*why i feel they seem like cutting wedding cake de???*

~happy couple~ *cold you know~~*

better go get my comforter first..till en'


robertswayze said...

Seems like you had great fun...thanks for sharing the photos they wonderful...and hey for some more birthday goodies and fun also visit my blog on Birthday Wishes sometime and enjoy all that i've posted there!!!!

milky ~ pearly said...

thanks robert..great blog..
burfdae celebration is my all time favourite..

lin said...

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