Saturday, March 17, 2007

The Hut , Garden Cafe @ Bdr Puteri

i can say that this a quite decent place for gathering..
nice ambience, waiter and waitress quite wise..not bad either..
i should have taken the photo of the shop but i was too busy looking up what's in the menu..
milky philosophy :: "eat first"

we ordered..

orange tea rm3.90 /\ apple tea rm 3.90

ice lemon tea *i think* rm5.90

blueberry milky smoothies rm6.90

it took me 'years' to order this drinks...
at first, i ordered strawberry milky smoothies..
waiter went to the kitchen..then came back and said no more strawberry..
then i ordered sour soup plum juice..
went to kitchen...came back and say no more too..
then i asked them.."what you have you tell me first"..
then he recommended me this blueberry milky smoothies

*should have ask earlier~~ so thirsty liao*

PS: the waiter was very polite with me..he said sorry many times..and expained that the supplier didn't come that, its ok-lar~not pissed off

you may think that i will get that drinks for free~~hmm..nah....they still charged it..but i think the cream is free gua..'cause he asked me before serving whether i want they custom-made-cream or not..*i sOo greedy sure wan-lar*

there are some cards, board game, jengga for us to play..

they even have congkak..*fuiyoh*

michelle's house

milky's house

i had more smarties then her..means i won..muahahaha

i learned something..""don't believe KH""..he alwaz 'lou tim' his gf..make her lost..*badd* we played card games too..but i lost terribly..don't want take photo = don't want leave evidence..*sad moment*

another random photo~~but i like this very much..

what makes the neon light feel??~~
2 N70 keypad indeed~~work of the 2 ""gays"" *playful*

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