Monday, March 12, 2007

Tako Tao @ Mid Valley

last friday, i was hoping to go to mid valley to check the prices of the cameras..can't wait for my mom because she said that she will bring me there on sunday.*i am impatient girl*

it's kinda late already, but choco was good enough to bring me there..
i was lucky because mid valley was having a camera fair, manage to survey pretty much cameras ^^
i didn't buy any camera that day because mom wasn't there..*wait for sunday*
after that, we headed over to jusco to buy something~~ passed by the tako counter..can't resist them..order a set of three...


octopus tako rm3.90

waited quite long..many ppl were buying~~

choco left me waiting by myself~~make me soOo angry~~why he left me alone waiting???? because went to buy battery for her sister~~

*very long wan!!!* that's why i so pissed off! so, guess what happened..i gave him the whole packet of tako..I DON WAN!

anyway, i ate this quite a number of times already, very tasty especially when it's hot~ dipped with the mayo~~wow..yum yum~~there are many "not so original" tako sold in the night market or food court..but they can't compete with this~~

now, when i think back, i feel that i kinda noob..i should have eaten everything and don't give him~~hmm..terbalik liao~~

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