Friday, March 23, 2007

Food Foundry @ Seksyen 17, PJ

weiwei and i wanted to try out this cafe for a long time..we read many good reviews about this cafe..

Food Foundry has a very fine here
at last..we went there last thursday with other 'kaki'..
one thing i feel bad about this cafe is located at a kinda remote area..

if you were to come here without any map or direction, i think you might not find it..
thanks to choco, he observes where is the place and told me the directions before i go there..
my other friends were curious that where weiwei and i will bring them for lunch~~they scare we bring them to sell*manglish*

we ordered
iced lemon tea rm3
iced peach tea rm3
only 2 ordered healthy all drink plain water..^^
both seems like season brand iced lemon tea..
not recommended..

ceaser salad rm7.90

lettuce is fresh, 'crispy', nicely mix witf cubes of bread and egg..yum**

roastered pepper and tomato soup rm 6.90

yih wen claimed that it taste like those spaggetti sauce..but kinda tasty..besides, it's quite filling too..oh yea, it came with a tiny bun..

lasagna rm8.90

i personally don't like this much, i feel that it's too oily and tasteless..but others say quite ok..i could only say it's not my type of liking..

nasi lemak with chicken rendang rm7.90

jac jac say not very spicy spicy, juz nice and she gives a thumbs up..

tom yam udon rm11.90

what can i say..siau kee just say yum yum and continue her dish..very tom yam-licious i think

fish and potato wedges rm13.90

oops..forgottem to ask nice or not..i bet it's delicious..*i judge by it's look*
but at least she left them a clean plate..plate do speaks right??

OMG~~~we ordered soOO much..but that's not all...

dessert is coming your way..girls are girls, we can't resist the temptation to try out their cakes..

chocolate and nuts cake rm 8

it's actually free of charge since we spend above rm60..i like this very chocolicious..will be better if they generously pour the choco fudge

mille crepe vanilla rm 8

it's house made from many many slices of crepe and apply cream between the crepe..yummy~~

it taste better if served cold..quite pricey

mille crepe ocha rm8

grean has slightly mild aroma and taste of grean tea..good!

mille crepe chocolate rm 9

this sucks thousand os NOT cold at ALL..i think the main problem is NOT cold..make everything so suck about this~~

mille crepe strawberry & cream rm9

this is nice~~love it~~

closer view of the slices of crepe

we din even manage to finish it~~yucks~~

anyway, i am glad that other dishes are great..and my friend kinda satisfied with it..

friends forever girls~~


siau_k33 said...

i like dat tom yum udon v much la~~~~
coz it is not too spicy for me
n ngam ngam sour to "suit" its spicy-ness....
dat y i cant stop myself to blablablabla b4 finished it!!!
oh ya, rmb dis tomyum came wif a big big mussle?
it tasted great leh...
n of coz, worth its price..
if for those people who damn like hyper+extra+ultra spicy foods...
i think they will ask for more cili padi lo...

next thurs will be which station ar?

milky ~ pearly said...

aiya..i duno o..tis time you make decision la haha^^
glad that u love it wor~~next time i oso must try izit so yummylicious 1st...