Thursday, March 08, 2007

Shihlin Taiwan Snack @ 1 U

When we mention about fried chicken, the 1st thing that come across my mine is KFC fast food..the second would be shihlin taiwan snack..
KFC is so yesterday already, with all the negative report about their product..trans-fat..and bla bla bla~~ so, milky don't like KFC .. i prefer this...
it is famous of it XXL chicken..

XXL Chicken*real huge*

seafood tempura

oyster mee suah

*personally i don't really like this because too much oyster..very disgusting *

*good for those who likes oyster*

someone seems enjoying it..but it ain't me~~

~~and their price range is reasonable too..everything in the house is rm5.50 only..without tax !!! *so good* i hate tax..make food sooo unreasonable ^^

though it is only a small shop at the old wing..but the flow of customers aren't handful only. i observe that many workers, salesgirl like to go there..


lightfl said...

May I know which floor is it? The food seem quite reasonable priced...

lin said...

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