Thursday, May 31, 2007

Marshmallow @ mY_hOuse

mashimaro? marshmallow? mashimaro? marshmallow? mashimaro?

i always get them mixed up, because their pronounciation are similar.. mashimaro? marshmallow?

mashimaro is the cute little character and marshmallow is my favorite candy~

anyway, i'm talking about marshmallow...shuee..shuee..mashimaro

marshmallow is great BBQ stuff.
i watched a TV program introducing delicacies of marshmallow and suddenly i had the craving of baked marshmallow.

i can't wait to eat them, it's impossible for me to throw a BBQ party just because of those tiny winny marshmallow~~

so i figure out to bake it in the oven.. i was not sure whether it really works but we have to try to know what will happen.
the first step is hard but determinate~

- marshmallow - i'm a greedy fella, i don't whether it works but i bought the large pack.

poke the stick into the marshmallow.

the stick i used was actually a wood chopstick. i curi from the char kuey teow fella. hmm.. not curi-lah , i go ta pau char kuey teow and asked the hawker give me one more pair of chopstick~ hehe *super thrifty* bleh~

into the oven~ so CUTE , they puff up d~

i was so happy looking them puffing up, and at the moment i took them out--- this is what they became~ poor little marshmallow

though it look a bit minimized d..but taste wonderful~
they skin was crispy and it's soft inside~ yum yum..

they taste even greater with chocolate fudge/sauce or chocolate spread ~

i succeed!! yay!!

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