Saturday, May 19, 2007

The Hut (3) @ Bandar Puteri

hmm.. i can't really remember how many times i visited the hut..

they have special menu recently..
my friend and i went there last weeks and tried their fresh oyster in their special menu....

i didn't brought my camera along..*sad*
it happens quite often that i didn't brought my camera with me..haih~~
hp only 1.3mp..don't like :(
what can i do to ensure i remember my camera everytime?//??

they claimed that the oysters were too small and doesn't taste fresh at all..
maybe that's not their house specialty..don't try~~

anyway, yesterday, we went there was crowded..full house..

there were 8 of us..we hardly can see enough space for us but fortunately, somebody was leaving and we managed to get our seats~~*wonderful*

our orders:--

ying ying's banana split rm 8.90

quite small portion..not really worth of the price lo~~

hoe's and shelles's honey peach smoothies rm 6.90

this taste like medicine~~ yew~~

choco's mango blended rm 6.90

slurps..this is can even eat the mango cubes

yee's flavourable chocolate rm 7.90

indeed chocolicious..

hoo's orange iced tea rm 4.90

looks very orangy the taste not bad

mine apple iced tea rm 4.90

this is my all-time favorite..of course is refreshing..

ivan's coke float rm 5.50

looks kinda disgusting..but he said taste ok..

hoe's and shelle's classic cabonara rm 19.90

it's oready 12 something..Michelle and hoe still order food..haha^^ geng ar!
i had some..and it was oh-i-shi...hmm..maybe i should say bon appetite~~because it's Italian dish~
truly classic..cheesy and milky

we played a few rounds of stalk wood thingy..

this was the best so far~~haha..everybody was so gan chiong~~and i was just holding my cam to take the best drop-down shot..bleh~~ ^^

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