Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Chocolate Banana Cake? Toast? @ mY_hOuse

it's my uni break doubt that i may feel boring sometimes..but i still feel throughout this one week plus holiday, my schedule was kinda packed..not to mention next week..i will not be in town..i'll be up the hill..guess where..aiya, it's easy~~ where else but there hor??

despite from all that stuffs..i'll still make some homemade pastry to play play..make myself more busy~~haha

sometimes, you aren't that busy..people just like to make themselves busy and make things complicated~~

make your time occupied is good enough~~and i'm learning..

so, let's get back to the topic..
to make life simple..i made toast rather than addition, that time i was very hungry..can't wait for another minute~

so i prepare

banana + chocolate spread + toast bread

not-ordinary type of toaster ^^

my toast..

what you can say...chocolate and banana are a well known great couple d...with toast bread.. make them 'kiss'

..haha^^*thumb up*


siau_k33 said...

zuo mo muz make urself so OCCUPIED?!lengang lengang and goyang kaki oso not bad ar~~
juz like me~~
waiting for ur chocolate banana cake/toast~~keke...

milky ~ pearly said... la..i really have many thing to do like tis geh~~..duno y de