Monday, May 14, 2007

Luo Mai Kai @ mY_hOuse

hmm..let me get all my mother's day 'special' posted first...
my mom must-order dim sum when go yumcha is luo mai kai..haha..she just loves it~~
so i decide to make her my home-made luo mai kai..
this was my first time~~i refer to the recipe from the internet..
at first i was kinda scare that i will waste all the food~~then i'll get scolded then~~
but..thank god~~ it was fine..of course can't compare with the pros pros from the restaurants.. in the mid level i think~anyway it ain't important ..the heart that counts..isn't it?

this are the ingredients:-

glutinous rice 500g..(half cooked)

just pour the rice into a big steel bowl and and add water till twice the height of the rice..and steam it for 15 minutes
-i was amazed that 500g of rice can came out to be that much~

char siew

just go morning see the stall and buy it..hmm..i mean buy the char siew not the stall..hehe...that simple~~


soak the raw mushroom in the water for 1 hour before cook..then, fry it with garlic till cooked..

lap cheong

nah..i just found it in my fridge, so i 'ka liu' (add)

prepare foil ware or mini steel bowl..and get busy ya~~

place the ingredients on the mini bowl..facing down ya~~

add rice

ready to be cooked..

-steam for 15 minutes

my home made luo mai kai...

yay~~ look nice ya? wanna have some??

o yea..u might wonder..why luo mai kai(chicken) wan? haHA ..that's milky speciality~~..

***come come~~tell you secretly..actually i hate to cook the takes lots of know..bleh~~***

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