Wednesday, May 30, 2007


last Sunday, me and my other church friends were having an outing to 1U. there were 17 of us..there were few kids too..gosh! kids are so hard to tackle man~~ can't take it..

we wanted to catch Mr. johnny's movie but it's sunday, the tickets were all sold out d.. and there were so many of us.. so we went for Blades of Glory instead.

I've seen it but i don't mind watching it again~ it's funny!

Due to the crowd, we went to KFC to have our lunch. kids love drumstick, don't they?

these were only portion of them

i'm not a big fan of KFC, maybe i'm bored of it d~

i went next door to get myself the new limited edition mcflurry.
i was just hopping that the red bean mcflurry will come out again~ here

anyway, it wasn't red bean. it's lime mcflurry upon the movie-shrek 3

when i look into the ice cream, the first i think of FLUBBER- the movie not the Shrek ..haha

i don't a picture to show the ice-cream, i'll leave it for u to imagine~

it taste so so, hmm..actually not good!
i don't even finish them, the remaining ice-cream, i add other sauces and gravy, potatoes to mix mix~~play play~

*i know i know i'm 100 times more childish then the kids~* bleh~

after the meal, we split into 2 teams, and played a little game..a treasure trial thingy ~~ see who found all the shops in 1U and get all the chops and get to gsc first.

they said i'm 1U's walking map, so we won..great!
what we got in return? actually nothing!

hmm..let me think properly..maybe it helped us to burn our fats ?? hehe

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