Monday, May 28, 2007

oOmph is around!

What you will think about when i mentioned oOmph?
I don't know how about you guys, but the first thing came across my mind was my mother telling me the food got oOmph with five fingers pointing her mouths, means it taste great.

However, I am not going to blog about any food that is amazing, yet I am going to introduce you guys this fabulous web site.

oOmph! The Ultimate Food & Entertainment Experience.

It is definitely looks tasty for your sight.
You can find reviews on many restaurants and bistro in Malaysia. Unlike the usual food blog, it oOmph got it all under one roof. In addition, there are details on each restaurants and hotels, so that you will not get lost even when they are like strangers to you.
This Penang Food and Penang Entertainment shows you all kind of excitements on tastebud that you can find in Penang, the famous food heaven in Malaysia.

Besides, there are many contest corner on this site. therefore, it is not only good for your sight but also your mouth friends~
So, what are you waiting for? Quick, go feel the oOmph people!

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