Saturday, May 19, 2007

Stay Away

milky is not happy now..right now~~

what's privacy? what's love? what's love..tell me..

Love doesn't mean you have the right to keep me 24 7 be on your side..

you bring me here , i have the right to fly

i respect you , i hope you do the same thing

i hate staying in the empty room

i don't want to be confined

i'm pissed , stay away from me

i may burst in the other second

i want to turn on the speaker full blast

i'm listening

the best damn thing - avril lavigne
holiday inn - ludacris & snoop dogg
the next episode - feat snoop dogg
buttons - PCD feat snoop dogg
maneater - nelly
smack that - akon & eminem
last night -p diddy
keep your hands of my girl - GC
like a boy - ciara
faint - lp
what i've done - lp
given up - lp

and more more more loud hard rock beat

hoping that everything will crush in the other minute

one day i walk away , don't expect i'll turn around

never neVER NEVER

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