Thursday, May 24, 2007

Genting Trip

we went to Genting by bus and Skyway cable car..
we arrived at KL Sentral about 11.30am and we bought 12noon ticket..

as we were waiting for the bus..the guys went to bought some drinks from 7 eleven...
you'll know what they bought later..haha

choco and i had some cam whores in the bus..
so bored~~
these were just a small part of them~~

about an hour half later, we arrived at Skyway..oh my gosh..look at the doubt it's Sunday mah~~

waited for 20 minutes~~

when we reach near the entrance, choco and I bet that which color of cable car will we sat on..
i guess yellow and purple..and he chosen orange and red..

guess what?? who won? me? him? or no one??

of course ~~ is me!!..haha..he got to tie his hair that night!!!

in the cable car~~

there were 6 of us..and we could sit in the same cable car..but but 2 nooby couple sat into the cable car after 4 of us were in..finally we have to separate with hoe and michelle..

during the ride, we can't rise our voice high as we were siting with strangers~~
hoe send msg to us and ask us to kick them down..haha^^

actually, it's kinda misty..these were the few best clear shots...

it's not very cold..i still can stand the coziness with my spaghetti top..

pressure was decreasing..temperature falling...yet..altitude was increasing~~

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