Monday, May 14, 2007

Yang Zhi Kam Lou @ mY_hOuse

got present ,got rice, got cake d..some more what else ..yaya this is another dessert for my mommy~~
same..i found this recipe in the internet~~

-=2 mangoes
-=200ml low fat milk
-=20g sago(cooked)
-=a little orange flesh..means you have to peel of the inner skin too in order to get the juice part
(actually is pamelo flesh, morning market don't have o..^^ *maybe new year only got*)

my ingredientscut the mangoes

-put the mago flesh into the blender
-add milk
-add ice

it will look like mango shake, you may add some sugar if it isn't sweet enough..

-pour into a small bowl
-add 1 tablespoon of sago
-add some orange flesh
-add some mango cubes

tada~~~ nice??

yay..that's all i done for my mom...