Saturday, May 26, 2007

Rules are made for breaking

duh~~ my topic is so ...naughty..

hey, i have reasons for everything okay?

after the's already 11pm..not very late actually~~
but my stomach was roaring terribly and had a sharp pain during the show~~
became worse after the show..
i was having lunch was eaten by choco..he chiong my foods~~
*haha..i'm so bad~~actually i asked him to eat*

anyway, my friends knew my condition, so they quickly brought me to the restaurant to have something... i think they felt hungry too.. all were rushing~~

i had a big pau..some had mee soup, rice, luo mai kai..and stomach was killing me~~

i promised mom that i'll eat accordingly and punctually..but~~ another rule breaking ya~~ yay!
*eye-rolled, there is nothing to be happy about*

during the meal or supper..we were discussing which room to go tonight to have a mini casino..

milky : hey, tonight we go whose room 'pou' (play) ar??

choco : hmm..go weng hoo and kah guan there la~~

weng hoo & kah guan looked at each other...

hoo : dun wan lar~~ i don't want la..after dirty my room very clean wan you know~~

guan : ya lo, ya lo.. my room most clean wan..

and they started digging their grandmother story...saying they had the best, cleanest dorm previously during the camp at frasers hill or kemensah *either one* ..

kok hoe and Michelle were busy eating and don't bother our conversation~~

hoo : aiya, like this la..go kok hoe there lor...

hoe : oi.. DON'T want (Michelle shook her head)

milky : this go where wan don't want he don't want everybody don't so long still haven meet an agreement wan..sad..

everyone was putting the responsibilities to each other..everyone don't want others to dirty their room..*so bad*

then, how do we came to an end to all this craps?

hoe : ok lar~~ we.. we.. 'lat' la..

*lat means flip your palm and see who is the unlucky one(odd one)*

milky : en en !! cool..fair game~~ no need push here push there..

hoe : then, how ar..the first one out or the last one will be the unlucky one??

milky : the FIRST one ..FIRST one ..*so excited thinking i'm not that shuei*

##lat ta li lat tam pom##

everyone more time~~

##lat ta li lat tam pom##

everyone back EXCEPT me *sob*

so lucky man~~
choco said..where got people show front at this moment when everyone was obviously wanted to show back one...
*milky head down*

after that, everyone happily headed to their rooms and packed some junk food and tidbits and came over my clean clEAN CLEAN room..

this was stunning

they say it taste less alchoholicious by adding sprite..that's what they bought at KL sentral 7-11~~they dilute the liquor with sprite

there are monte carlo, starworld in Genting..and we had room783 in first world hotel~~
who lose who drink..that's the rule..

i'm not a good drinker..or i can say that..i don't even drink except wine..
so..i 'm not following the rule liquor k?? sprite can liao...haha

we played till late late night i think..everyone still awake ..haven drunk yet..there were some liquor left for the next day..

guess what? my room still remain the cleanliness or not?? of course.........ya!
thank god~ no one vomited

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