Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Village Park Restaurant @ Damansara Uptown

Let's talk something about food..

Dad recommended me this restaurant fer weeks ago. he said the owner of this restaurant was actually a chinese but they converted to Islam edi. he claimed that he serves yummylicious nasi lemak.

when I pass by everytime, i forget about it completely.
last sunday, before i went out, my dad reminded me to go try out the restaurant.

my dad is a very picky person, hygienes is the first thing he'll see...besides, he never simply intro food to me~ so i believe in him and give it a shot. no doubt it's kinda good although it's only a nasi lemak biasa.

the place was super packed when i reach there. the Q was long.

nasi lemak biasa rm 2

kopi large (hot) rm1.80

i forgot to say ice..haiyer..they get me a hot one..
this is ok
i still prefer Kluang station's cham ice..

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Cass said...

Hey! Here is another one must bring your dad to TRY !!!!