Friday, May 25, 2007

Knock Knock!!

we arrive about 2 pm..

the crowd was kinda obvious..our check in number was 1824 and the present number was 1713..
waited sOoOo lOong. we sat aside thinking of playing cards~~haha..
but choco stopped me~~

finally, we checked in..and head to over rooms..our rooms had a amazing's facing the outdoor theme park..


no doubt the pressure up there is our tidbits start to BLOAT..

we brought many foods because the foods there are quite expensive compared to kl..

we spend kinda less on foods..because they brought about 12 packs of cup mee for 4 of them...that's a lot ok? choco and i brought 4 only.. i don't like cup

besides that, there were some other junk food..did not take down the photo because there were all common stuff~~


pink said...

hmmm... of course u can request a skin. what skin u want to request? maybe u can tell me about the design that u like.

milky ~ pearly said...

OMG..that's so much..i'll mail u in a short time..thanks soOO much