Thursday, May 03, 2007


as usual it's the day after a long stretch of happy holiday..i hope u guys enjoy your holidays..except for know need to say..
anyway, the traffic was back like kiss car..haha
i had my second last paper today..i think it's just soso..let's see how it will look like when my results are out....
last paper is on monday..OMG..why have to stretch so loOooOOog time..i'll have another not so right weekend..
i don't know how bout u guys..but if i step out the house during critical time..o i mean exam time..i'll feel guilty...feel like it ain't right to do so...but i end up doing crap at home...hmm..human~~
i din even touch my baby(camera) for camwhore..hehe..
o yea..i just watched wild hogs few days was hilarious..i know i was so yesterday stuff..but forgive me can..i have major thing to least i manage to watch before it was off the cinema.. *winks* ^^

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