Monday, May 28, 2007

Cam whores - G Part 2

This are the photos in First world mall..

ladies seem a bit too old for me? should have written girls..aiya~

four musketeers..
the red shirt one (choco) obviously not looking here..i think there got leng lui that got his attention~

this is funny, he does not realize that the two fella at the back got all the attention wei~

sail? fly?

the evil little demon ruined my photo~~

haha, i was can i say like this to the cute little angel..
i should have said that to the big pink fella instead..


another funny posing..
hoe was actually asking my friend not to hold a straw while taking photo yet he made the same mistake~ haih..

hoo not cam friendly..bad bad~~ KG..not bad ya~

yew~~ what's that??

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