Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Neway @ 1 U <2>

choco applied for their membership last month, and i knew that they offer K-lunch 50% with free salad buffet..for we decided to go there one afternoon ..and get some mother's day gifts.
i met my programming lecturer at neway~~ hmm..she was with her friends..i just greet her and bye*my heart was thinking..don't you have to mark our paper??*anyway maybe that's what i call WORK hard and PLAY hard~~ haha
we ordered

seafood mushroom rice rm12++

this is super duper sucks..i just eat 1 spoon and left it there~the rice is nice but they seafood mushroom thing wasn't nice at all..yiu~~

chicken chop spaghetti rm16++

this is quite ok..but i'm sure that they use campbell's mushroom soup to make the sauce..taste exactly the same~~and the chicken chop quite tender..overall is ok~~

the other salad buffet thingy was same old thing that i have posted here..

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