Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Cam whores - G Part 3

Before i start posting all the remaining funny shots..
i must say something about this guy..

i know i'm kinda bad but i know you won't mind ..hehe

my friends and i were laughing all the way while 'admiring' all the photos we had taken.
it is not because of the pose or whatever, it's all caused by hoe's smile..

this is his signature smile..

he likes to look at the cam with shocking eyes and show off his well arranged and white teeth.

i think he was trying the best to look maximum cute beside his cutie pie..but it came out the other way round..hehe

michelle loves to take photos, we were saying it is no point taking soOo many , because he looks the same anyway.

the above only a small part..if you were looking at all of those with full screen one by one, he looks damn hilarious.

ok that's all..i'm super bad girl now~ sOo sorry but i really couldn't stop myself saying it!


hoo(back) looks so 'qun'

mr.turtle..haha. but in real life this guy can drift ok?.. drift till the tyre got smoke wan~~

this fella is the bad bad guy who likes to nearly kiss people butt when they are slow in fast lane~


it's hot man!

he always don't look here wan~ haiyer!!!

at last~

damn tired waiting d~

how come so less my pic?

hint : camgirl in da hse

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