Thursday, May 17, 2007

Rainbow Salad & Special Sauce@ mY_hOuse

my ulcers totally driving me hurts yo~~

i even applied salt on it..make me tears~~because i want it to recover as soon as possible but really very very painful~
tell me is there any other painless cure???

i was kinda bored yesterday..and i found some vegetables in my i combine everything to make SALAD..girl's best friend~~

look..7 colors(rainbow)...hmm..actually it's only 6 type of fresh vege..the 7th color was the sauce color~~carrot / tomato / yellow capsicum / cucumber / red capsicum / green capsicum

mix mix mix with vineger

now the sauce part..

i know that salad normally comes with mayonnaise, thousand island and some other dressings..

but i would like to try something know..think outside the box ya~~
so i decided to make something like thai sauce

here you goes~~

red onion / chilli / garlic / spring onion / ginger

milky's own creation sauce

pour in soy sauce and vinegar with the ratio of 1:1

it means if u add 3 tbsp of soy sauce similarly you have to add 3 tbsp of vineger
mix mix mix

rainbow salad

what else i can say?? of course it is delicious~~

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