Saturday, May 12, 2007

Pass or fail

oh my god..what is the time now?
it's 7.30 AM, and today is Saturday..anyway Saturday or Monday, it is still a holiday for me right? why i woke up so early..i woke up at 7 am 2day and i slept at 2 yesterday, no alarm, no one wake me up.. it's just my dream..
yesterday siau kee sms me and told me that the supp list for every subject is out and asked me checked it...i didn't cause i had a terrible headache and choco asked me not to on my pc..u may wonder why i still go to bed so late when i was not feeling well.. I'm not 'switched off'. thus, i spend few hours cleaning up my room..
ok..back to the dream..cause of me being a early bird today...

i dreamed about my supp list again..again..and again...
i saw that i got a D in my programming..and it was like doubt i didn't study much.. but i did not predict it to be a D a D you scare ..don't know how to tell this time i was awake by fear.. was only a big deal..get my head down and re-sleep..haha
and what happen next..i had the same dream..same i got a D for programming ..and bla bla bla..but this time i sms weiwei to tell her my sad story and ask her whether how was her supp list..hmm..and i woke up again.. and i knew that it's only a dream..don't take it too seriously..but i can't control and keep thinking bout it..i bring my worries into my bed again and i dream was terrible..same dream..same thing..same D...i can't stand it anymore..i felt that it was so real..and i know i can't sleep anymore after the third same dream..
i woke up and on my pc to check straight away..phew..i passed need take supp list ma..although the real grade haven out yet but at least i knew that i passed..and when i looked at the's oready 7..and i'm not in sleeping i thought of blogging..and some overdue draft..

i overreacted? over worry? hmm...i'm so stressed me..the 10 ways of releasing stress thingy is not practical for me..gimme some real thing~~

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