Saturday, May 19, 2007

Cheesy chicken + Potato Ball + Fruity coZZy Yogurt @ chOcO_hOuse

choco's parents went outstation..we decided to make something special to eat at home..

i saw this recipe from tv few days i suggest that we make this.. he agreed..
*with some regrets ^^ because he hate the washing part..hehe*

early in the morning~he came to pick me up and head to tesco to buy the ingredients..and some tidbits for our small trip to Genting.

then, we went back to choco's house and get ourselves dirty..

a steak is not complete without side dishes ya~~ so we make potato ball and yogurt..

first, we make the yogurt..

we bought mango and grapes..
cut them into cubes and add in kiwi yogurt and 1 tbsp of can really lowered down the fats and make it more delicious~~

then, we started making the potato ball..

we have to boil the raw potatoes with salt..then, smashed it just like mashed potato...
besides, we add some salt and butter to soften and smoothen it..
to make the different textures..we pour in corns..^^ because corn is crunchy, mashed potato is soft..

it doesn't ends here..we have to rolled the potatoes into tiny balls and covered them with

  1. flours
  2. beaten eggs
  3. bread crumbs..

done rolling~~

next, we make the chicken ..

we cut the sausages into slices and cheese..
then, we tortured the chicken by beating and flatten it with the back of the knife..
put few sausages and cheeses onto the flatten chicken..cover it with another chicken..

again, let the chicken go through the same process as the potato ball.
flour--->egg--->bread crumbs

then fry them ~~

end product..

look so cheesilicious...

taste satisfied

cooking together indeed was a happy thing..both of us were so tired and i we spend bout 4 hours to make all this foods..
so lOong..
after finish eating..i have to rush home and bath..because later have to go yum cha with friends d~~ tough and happy day~~ ^^

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